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There are many ways that we can live with and enjoy Bromeliads. The old mentality of buying a  Guzmania at a home supply store and putting it in one spot until it keels over are gone.  The word is getting out about these beauties and the general public is coming to realize that these plants are beautiful, exotic, and easy to care for. But the artistic side of me is always looking for new applications for them. It's great if you can have a large collection and greenhouses full of pots, but I think it's fun to "think outside the pot" and find other ways to incorporate them into our lives.  In the following pages are some ideas. Most are things that we've done, but I've also included some pictures of things that just blew me away when we saw them and I wanted to share them with you. Some of the plants are for sale on this site but I don't have some of the plants in the older pictures to sell at the present time.  I'm always trying to get more of them, though, and you'll know when I have them.

Arrangements  These are arrangements that I've made using smaller bromeliads and decorative containers.

Mounts  These are mounts that Rich has made from driftwood that he's collected for years from the Florida Keys.  We intend to have similar mounts for sale in the near future on this site. 

Cool Pics These are pictures that I've taken around town and at shows, depicting exciting ways to enjoy bromeliads.  Check out the TREE applications!          

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