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 The Aechmea Mexicana is a Tropical beauty. It's a species and has 4"-5" wide apple green leaves that are slightly mottled. The bloom is an incredible, tall spike that has white powdery berries that have purple and blue accents. It can take full sun all day and looks great in a landscape or a giant pot. The other day I was walking around the garden and I was struck by the beauty of these 3 white blooms.  The large, heavy bloom at the bottom is Ae. Mexicana. In it's secondary stage, the berries lose their powder and turn shiny like pearls. The middle bloom is Andro. O'Rourke, and the top bloom is Andro. Skinneri (male form). Like I always say....I live in Paradise. This is a great value for a plant this size! The leaves turn a toasty red when given full sun and little water. We are in our rainy season now in Florida, so a lot of plants have their reddish color taking a vacation, but as soon as it's allowed to be kept dry, the red will return again. I have customers in other states telling me that theirs is a red as ever.  In the fifth picture I have a huge one that I just put on our swale.  I'm getting rid of the last of our lawn and this one just looks fantastic surrounded by other bromeliads. The sale plants are mature plants like the one I'm holding in the last picture.  



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Also, if you're in the So. Florida area, the Bromeliad Society of Broward County meets he 3rd. Monday of every month at 6:30 pm in Plantation. We have  great speakers, a raffle table, plant sales, and refreshments. Come visit or email me for more info.



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